Meet our team


Experience (a lot!)

Since 2005 we manage digital distribution and marketplace projects. We know our job and we love it!



We believe that self service should not be the norm.

We offer a real human service to our clients.

Anticipate future

Anticipate the future

Neteven platform is super flexible and ready to expand for your next projects.

Raise the bar

Raise the bar

We seek for excellence. Innovation and constant improvement are our trademarks.

Meet the founders

We design and develop for a new tomorrow. Determined to be one of the game changers.
– We take action by sustainable innovation.


Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Greg is our CEO and manages operations. He previously set up the French subsidiary eBay and took part in several successful tech start-up projects.

Greg Zemor
Antoine Riviere


Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder

Antoine is responsible for the overall business network and commercial partnerships. He has held business development roles within global high tech companies for over 20 years.

Find out what our employees say

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I appreciate the trust and responsibilities given at Neteven, the management always listens to the employees and never fails to encourage, recognize and reward individual and team efforts according to jointly defined objectives.

Jean-Paul N.

Support manager

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It’s very motivating to help big brands with their marketplace projects. The contact with the client, the possibility to be in a continuous learning context, is what I appreciate the most in my work at Neteven.

Maria G.

Project manager

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What I appreciate most about Neteven is the flexibility, autonomy, and the fact that we invent and reinvent the way we work to help our clients succeed.

Aurelien M.

Operations director

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In my work at Neteven, I can be a jack of all trades: there is always something to explore and learn. The atmosphere, the well-being and the mutual support of the teams make for an ideal working environment.

Michael J.

System administrator

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Neteven allows everyone to grow in competence in a flexible and human work environment. The trust placed in us reinforces this desire to give the best of ourselves and to develop professionally and personally.

Ornella S.

Business development director

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The bridges between the departments lead us to work well together and to exceed the objectives. In my job, I like to hear from the clients that they are more than satisfied, that everything is perfect.

Olivia P.

Key account manager

Neteven is entirely focused on growing your revenue on the leading transactional websites
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